Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A tatted snood.....

I am not sure how this will turn out, but I thought it was worth trying.  I am in the process of tatting a 'snood', which is a essentially a hairpiece that covers most of the hair and holds it up out of the way.  I decided that tatting a snood would be fun after seeing a pattern for a knitted (or was it crocheted?) snood on a vintage pattern site (Bramcost Publications rocks- plus they frequently have book giveaways, including the one of 1940's Beauty that I won!).  I then looked around online and found that others have tatted snoods.  From the patterns I have seen, especially for crocheted snoods (the most common), what a person needs is essentially a doily that can have a ribbon or elastic run through the last round.  However, I do not have much patience, so most tatted doilies are too intricate for me (as well as not being open enough for the effect I want).

This is also my first use of blocking- I normally just press designs with a steam iron.  However, I thought I would try blocking (which I might note, is very easy to do- a cardboard box, a pillowcase, a spray bottle of water and a generous amount of pins).  This way, since I am making up the pattern as I go, I know that everything to this point is pretty much even and ready for me to add the next row!

Until the next random post, enjoy the spring weather!  Laivine

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  1. Looks good! A snood. I never knew that word, but I think I've seen them. Can't wait to see how yours turns out! ^_^