Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, the tatting of the snood is finished.  It was not well tatted by any means (I was using Clea crochet cotton I found at a local yarn shop- it likes to come apart which is not appreciated when tatting).  Also, this was just to try out the idea, so I was not aiming for perfect.  I was also impatient, which means that the last two rows were never blocked and therefore are rather bumpy.

My original plan was to put ribbon through the long picots I had on the last round.  However, I found it too difficult to tie the snood on like that, without having the knot or bow in the front, which I did not like the look of.  I found a black elastic headband, but since the tatting was done, and it was a closed circle and could not be threaded through, I tied the headband to the long picots with bits of thread.  The headband made it much easier to put on.

It still seems to take some skill to put the snood on and keep one's hair looking decent inside.  One trick I found online was to put on an inexpensive hair net first.  This worked really well at keeping my fine hair inside the snood.

 (My apologies for the less than perfect blurring jobs- my living room is messier than I would like shown on the internet!  And I would like to maintain some anonymity- if that is even possible these days.)

Smile everyone, Laivine


  1. Anonymity! I hardly know the word. Haha.

    That turned out so cool! Do you think you'll do another, now that you understand the process more? Often times I'll do something and only after it's completed do I know how it is properly done. But then, laziness often reigns.

    The finished product is beautiful and looks very nice with your hair color (:

  2. The snood is glorious!!! Beautiful work.

  3. Laivine,

    You've won one of the bags in drawing #1. Please send me your mailing address at


    :-) Gina